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PowerPivot, or the Excel Data Model, was introduced as a download for Excel 2010.

Whether you have PowerPivot installed (or Excel for that matter), it will make no difference to the measure reader installed in this project.

The source code for the project is available once you download and extract all items from the associated zip file (see Downloads tab near the top of this page).

Once the download is complete and the items from zip file have been extracted, the source code can be directly accessed under the folder "Excel 2010 Measure Reader". However, if you have Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition (or later) you can open the solution by opening the .sln file.

Under the folder "2010 Measure Reader Installer" you can run either the .msi or setup.exe and just follow the prompts.

After installation, when you run the program "Excel 2010 Measure Reader.exe", a Windows form will be launched that contains two tabs: "Select Files" and "Results".

On the Select Files tab, there is a directory tree that will let you drill down into folders that contain Excel 2010 files with data models. If you do not have files of your own installed, the directory where you downloaded the project contains a sample file that you can use.

Once you have selected your files to process, click the "Read Measures" button or press Alt + R. Measures will be extracted from the selected files and then displayed on the Results tab (when processing is complete, the Results tab will automatically receive focus and list measure information).

When the Results tab is active, a "Save Results to File" button will be enabled. You can click on this button or press Alt + S to launch the "Save As" dialog.

When finished, click the Close button or press Alt + C.

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